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Harley Davidson XLCR

The XLCR Harley Davidson is a rare beast indeed. This example came to us as virtually a new bike, having only covered 6000 miles from new. It had, however, been standing for over 10 years without turning a wheel.

As well as restoring bikes to their former glory (and beyond sometimes!) we offer a comprehensive recommissioning service which was the order of the day with this bike. It would have been a shame to completely restore it as it is a virtual time warp still with its original tyres and even spark plugs.

Iit was partially stripped sympathetically cleaned, touched up where necessary to retain its original factory finish.

The carb was ultrasonically cleaned and the engine was flushed through. Compression was checked as was oil pressure.

Then the bike was started for the first time in over 10 years and it ran beautifully.

The electrical system was overhauled as this can suffer over time and the bike was back where it should be, on the road!

It has never missed a beat since and is exactly how Harley Davidson intended.

Before restoration

Harley Davidson XLCR - Before

And after ...

Harley Davidson XLCR - After

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