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Triumph TR7 Tiger

We have a bit of a soft spot for big Triumph twins, they are just such a practical classic, nice to ride with plenty of power, light and manageable.

So when this came along we jumped at it. It is the rarer brother of the good old T140 Bonneville, the TR7 Tiger, virtually the same bike as a Bonnie but has the easier to live with single carb head.

The bike had a full engine rebuild 6 months ago by a very reputable classic bike mechanic, it has been someone’s commuter bike for years and is now long overdue for a rebuild, we ’ve been riding this about for a couple of days and it rides nice, however this bike needs to reborn so its getting a full stripdown and rebuild.

Triumph TR7 Tiger- Before

The bike has been stripped down and the frame prepared and primed.

Triumph TR7 Tiger- During

And given a coat of high gloss, high solids 2 pack black paint which we have found to give a better, shinier finish and be more durable than powder coating.

Triumph TR7 Tiger- During

Engine in. Swingarm and suspension on. Forks in. And handlebars on - Progressing nicely.

Triumph TR7 Tiger- During

The front wheel has now been fitted. The headlamp shell, indicators, control cables, switch clusters have been cleaned, restored and fitted. The freshly painted mudguards now adorn a bike which is rapidly approaching its road test!

Triumph TR7 Tiger- During

Triumph TR7 Tiger- During

Rear Light fitted ready for the fitting of a new wiring loom.

Triumph TR7 Tiger- During

And Now The Finished Tiger!

Triumph TR7 Tiger- After


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