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1972 Triumph T120R Bonneville

We like Bonnevilles, so we were delighted when this well used 1972 T120R came in for a rebuild.

This bike was rough and smoked like an old 2 stroke, however despite the strange colour and tatty appearance this bike was quite original and solid. It clearly needed the full treatment but 90% of parts were in place and not in too bad condition.

As far as the engine was concerned, the bottom end was sound so we left that alone and moved on.

The top end of the engine was rebuilt using a Morgo 750 big bore kit for a little more grunt.

New valves and guides were fitted.

An uprated oil pump was also added.

The engine was then put back together and fitted into the newly powder coated frame.

The wheels were re laced and the majority of the other parts were re finished and re used.

The result is a superb example of a 70’s Bonnie to a prize winning standard

Before restoration

1972 Triumph T120R Bonneville - Before

And after ...

1972 Triumph T120R Bonneville - After

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