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Sunbeam S8

The S8 came to us as a 'Barn Find'. The speedo shows just 8000 miles from new, it has sat in a shed for nearly 50 years.

When the bike was dismantled it was clear the mileage was genuine, apart from the surface rust this is virtually a brand new bike with no wear on any of its components. It still wears its original tyres and everything is as it should be.

Following our customary road test we started the strip down, cleaned, stripped, prepared and painted the frame and got it on the lift for reassembly. The first task was to get the engine back in its rightful place, in the newly painted and very shiny frame.

Using our in house plating facility we nickel plated a number of fittings and fasteners. We also cleaned the carb in our Ultrasonic clenaer and treated it to a complete overhaul and new seals and gaskets.

Having set up the fuelling and ignition we had our resident classic bike electrical expert check and set up the dynamo and voltage regulator and check over all of the wiring.

The Sunbeam has been out for its first test ride and it was a very pleasant and surprising experience. These Sunbeams have a bit of a reputation for being slow and clunky and it was far from either!

The S8 before restoration

Sunbeam S8 - Before

During ...

Sunbeam S8 - During

Sunbeam S8 - During

And after ...

Sunbeam S8 - After

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