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Norton Commando Cafe Racer

This fine Norton Commando café racer is yet another great example of services we provide.

Its owner had worked on the bike for many years, he had spent lots of time and money rebuilding it.

Sadly, due to limited free time, the pressures of work and familiy commitments, it came to the point when it had sat in his garage long enough.

This is a familiar problem and this is why there are so many abandoned projects for sale in classic bike publications, people start with good intentions but the scale of the task just becomes too great and the bike is left to gather dust in the shed instead of becoming the dream you had when you bought it. You tell yourself it will take six months at the most and six years down the line you are still a long way off completion.

Our customer was just like this, he had done lots of good work but just couldn’t find the time to finish the bike, he gave us a call, we did an evaluation and worked on the bike for 2 weeks, at the end of which he had a running bike with MOT, ready for the road.

At first glance the before picture of the bike looks pretty much complete, however it had been loosely assembled for ease of collection and much work needed to be done.

We fitted an electronic ignition, painted the side panels and mudguard, sorted out numerous electrical issues, fitted a new exhaust system sorted out problems with the brakes together with numerous other more minor issues.

The owner now has the bike on the road and has fallen completely in love with it!

The Cafe Racer before restoration

Norton Commando Cafe Racer - Before

And after ...

Norton Commando Cafe Racer - After

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