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BSA B31 Plunger

Here we have a 1952 BSA B31 plunger.

Tthis came to us in a very sorry state, someone had started a rebuild and then abandoned it for many years. At least it appeared it had been kept under cover it would seem!

The wheels had been rebuilt and were still in superb condition. There were also signs that the engine had been rebuilt and this was confirmed following a stripdown. This bike received the full treatment including a complete gearbox rebuild.

Many parts were missing and had to be sourced or made. A new wiring loom was made from scratch in house by our electrical specialist. The magneto was also rebuilt and recommissioned.

What we are left with is a great, usable bike that is ready for work once more.

The B31 before restoration

BSA B31 Plunger -  Before

And after ...

BSA B31 Plunger - After

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