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BSA A7 Shooting Star

This is a 1959 BSA A7 Shooting Star. When bought it was in a pretty sorry state, like so many old British bikes it had been bought as a project and never finished. The engine had been rebuilt and fitted to the frame but that was about it.

The bike was evaluated, disassembled and the frame stripped and then painted with a high solids 2 pack black acrylic.

The engine and gearbox have been thoroughly cleand and polished and are now fitted along with the freshly painted yokes and new steering head bearings.

The inner primary cover has been cleaned, polished and fitted.

The clutch with new bearings and the primary drive have been fitted along with a refurbished carb setup to suit the A7SS.

The front end fitted along with freshly painted mudguards, handlebars, controls have also been fitted and the wiring started.

The rear wheel has been refurbished and fitted as has the oil tank and oil lines.

Back on its wheels, with the wiring finished, tool box fitted and the reconditioned downpipes and new silencers also fitted.
Just waiting for the headlight, speedo cable and petrol tank.

And finally

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