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1964 BSA A65

This is a 1964 BSA A65. Someone with the best of intentions started a restoration several years ago but simply ran out of time and enthusiasm.

The bike was sadly left as you see it, much work has been done but due to the length of time standing, most will need to be done again.

Now the Tiger is complete we have fired the A65 up and had it running, and very nice it sounded too!

I'm thinking of perhaps a firebird scrambler rep, who knows, i'll see how inspired i feel when the spanners come out. There is a nice bike in here waiting to get out so watch this space.

BSA A65 - Before

Frame cleaned, stripped and painted and the engine cleaned and polished.

BSA A65 - During

Front end in along with the back wheel, exhausts and new chain. The clutch has also been checked and overhauled.

BSA A65 - During

The front wheel is now in and the mudguards fitted.

BSA A65 - During

Freshly painted tank, in a vibrant red with a white stripe down the middle, and it's looking very good! The wiring loom has been checked and connectors and cable replaced where necessary.

BSA A65 - During

All finished, following the shakedown run


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